Handbooks and Pamphlets

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Print the Handbooks and Pamphlets 2016 on your printer, complete the information, and mail the form via USPS.

Item Price
Beginner’s Handbook $10.00 each
Advanced Grower’s Handbook  (revised 2013 edition) $10.00 each
Classification Handbook
(new edition available starting in August each year)
$15.00 each
Care of Stock Plants-Rooting Cuttings $  2.00 each
Chrysanthemum Culture in the Home Garden $  2.00 each
The Novice Exhibitor $  2.00 each
Growing a Chrysanthemum Tree $  2.00 each
Introductory Growing Projects $  2.00 each
Transporting Blooms $  2.00 each
Show and Judges Handbook $15.00 each
Show and Judges Handbook,
5 or more copies mailed to one address
$13.00 each